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Hi, I’m Amanda. Thanks for visiting my page!

Born & raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, I’ve always had a passion for writing and journaling – first as a form of therapy, later as a hobby, and now as a career.

I’m here to tell my story and share with you what the world has taught me.

I love to write about the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and all things health, wellness, products, and personal development. I’ve been a contributing writer to the online lifestyle magazine, Life Goals Mag, since April of 2018. You can find a full collection of my work with LGM here: Author, Amanda Swanson

I am also a strong advocate for the health benefits of CBD oil, and having been taking daily CBD oil for my lifelong struggles with anxiety since April 2018. You can learn more about the products I endorse and sell through my site with Hempworx here: Spark Fire Green

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”  – Helen Keller


Update from May 24, 2019::

He asked me if I wanted to quit my job, sell our house & all our belongings, and take off roaming the country together in a travel trailer …

I said, you’re *bleeping* kidding me right?! …

LET’S FREAKING DO IT. (& what took you so long to ask by the way??) 😄🖤


Life is way too short my friends. The time to live is NOW.
On May 24th we said goodbye to our life as we know it, in pursuit of living a life of adventure, far outside of our comfort zones. After almost 8 years, we are officially out of Woodbury MN, and officially camping out in Stone Lake WI for a couple of weeks. 🏕

We’ve been prepping for this moment since the dark depths of Winter and I cant believe its finally here! The last few months have been a transitional blur full of many stressful & exciting firsts, and conquering a lot of initial anxieties & fears. Our wandering /gypsy /bohemian /nomadic /adventurer lifestyle begins mid-July 2019, heading west first. 🏔🏞🌌

I’m so grateful for this moment, as we begin our journey to live life in a much simpler and more fulfilling way. I don’t think our Bengal cats Roscoe & Rahja have any idea what they are in for! 😺 (& neither do we, really!)

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