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I am thrilled to be partnering with JORD wood watches for the second year in a row, to allow one of my readers to win $100 toward their very own JORD watch. Do we need to say it louder for the people in the back?? YOU COULD WIN $100 TOWARD YOUR OWN STUNNING WOOD WATCH. Just for even taking the time to enter, you also automatically get 10% off an order!



JORD Wooden Watches | His & Hers

JORD is known for their wood designs, but recently expanded their offerings to include other elements from nature too! Beyond watches – JORD also has leather and wood bands that suit Apple watches too! They also have three styles of men’s hats – totally more than just watches these days!

Adam finally doesn’t have to be envious of my stylish wooden watch, as he has his own now too – and we match! #couplegoals 🙂

His Wood Watch

His choice was the Hyde, Ebony and Iron – super stylish, with dark accents and features. Adam isn’t a man of many accessory or color to his wardrobe, so it made sense he would go with something simpler. The Hyde series is one of minimalism (hey, that’s our new life motto these days!), and cuts through all the noise in life with a polished band and precision quartz movement.

Additional Features:

  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Metal tipped hands
  • The natural Ebony is hand finished and pre-treated with tung oils
  • Totally splash proof but advised not to submerge in the water!

Hers Wood Watch

The Cora Zebrawood & Rose was my beautiful choice, as I’m automatically drawn to soft pink and orange colorful hues. (Not to mention it would match a lot of my outfits). The coral color is such a great accent to the wood grains of the Zebrawood, it truly is a beautiful and sophisticated color combination. PLUS there are little crystals around the perimeter giving it a nice multidimensional, shiny touch.

Additional Features:

  • Sapphire crystal glass (second to only diamond in hardness)
  • Swarovski crystal markers (GREAT compliment to a unique women’s watch)
  • Natural Zebrawood that is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils
  • The Cora is splash-proof (but don’t submerge in water please!)

Always Stay Classy

Fun Fact: JORD is pronounced YOAD, as in TOAD – but with a Y. #MindBlown

Right from the start, your watch arrives in a beautiful large wooden box, striking you with its stunning cosmopolitan appearance before you even get it out of the box. (The box even has a bonus tray on the bottom so you can store all your parts and pieces!) Everything is just presented with such poise and class, you can’t help but gain 10 points straight to your confidence scale just for putting the watch on. JORD is all about premium wood watches, and the quality is very obvious.

JORD wooden watches are lightweight, honestly this classic timeless woodwork doesn’t weigh you down or even make you feel like you are wearing a watch at all, and they are completely automatic without any battery needed! Does it get any simpler than that?

We get so many comments on our beautiful JORD watches, I’m so glad I’m able to share this product with the rest of you. This is a watch that will LAST and you will be able to wear for years to come, (and it isn’t going to go out of style either, it seriously goes with everything!) Be sure to check them out! It really would make a great gift for anyone you know, or even as a special treat just for yourself too!

P.S. A LOT of the wood watches and cedar humidor boxes that they come in are able to be engraved too! What a special way to give a special someone in your life a beautiful classic gift!

For the outdoor men, the working men, and the fathers. For the young, the old, and anyone in the middle. These watches make a great accessory no matter who you are!

Sustainable Products

All of JORD watches are handcrafted from natural wood sources such as Maple, Bamboo, Zebrawood, Sandalwood, and Koa. Not to mention, JORD watches are also made right here in the USA. JORD actually means ‘Earth’, and was started in 2013 out of Missouri. The watches are made with a scratch free glass and a stainless steel clasp. The natural grains of the wood are highlighted in every piece. For those that typically have skin sensitivities, these products would be great option for you!
It’s WOOD instead of heavy metals or nasty plastics … what more is there really to say? For real though, all of their wood is sustainable sourced. The materials are raw with a refined design. All of their wood is 100% natural and does not have toxic chemicals used to treat or protect the wood. (As you may already know, I’m SO FOR things without toxic chemicals.)

Side Note: With this craftsmanship comes some responsibility people! Wood watches need to be cared for and treated to preserve them over time. I also wouldn’t recommend wearing this to the gym and getting it all full of your sweat and toxins.

The JORD Way

JORD wooden watches range from $139 – $395 in cost, making them a mid to high range product in the watch category. But it’s all in the quality of that watch, in which makes it a great piece to invest in. I also really feel like watches (and the use of WOOD in fashion) are so underrated these days. It adds such a great handcrafted compliment to your day.

Go on, #YouDeserveIt.
Check out more from JORD Watches HERE.
And don’t forget to ENTER the drawing!

Remember, this is an  🌟 Exclusive GIVEAWAY 🌟 with JORD watches. You won’t find anything else out there that compares to this watch company!

There are generous returns and exchanges, and free worldwide shipping too!

Time is a currency you can only spend once, so make sure you are spending it (or wasting it) wisely! 🌌

                                                 Link to full Instagram post here.




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