Life Goals Mag: 10 Inspiring Books for Personal Growth

Books are really the best, aren’t they? I can recall enjoying to read books ever since I remember learning how to read. No wait, I actually recall enjoying to hear books read to me since I was super young and unable to even read myself yet. The only thing that has changed over all this time is my preferred genre of book, but the concept is still the same – I love getting totally lost in a story, in an adventure, in a depiction of a lesson from someone else’s life.

My tastes these days are more into the realm of memoirs, autobiographies, and self-development (also known as self-help books). I love finding new ways to learn and grow and understand this thing called life.

Nowadays, you could also say that a lot of the books on my bookshelf are that of a spiritual nature, as I’ve gone pretty deep down this spiritual journey these past few years. Some of the books on my bookshelf I haven’t even gotten the chance to read yet, but I just know they will be great. I figured you would appreciate it if I included both books I’ve read and ones lined up in my queue – so your bookshelf can be fully stocked!

Check out my full post at Life Goals Mag, here!

“10 Inspiring non-fiction Books for your Personal Growth”


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