Life Goals Mag: Toxic Products Don’t Spark Joy

“We often do not understand how harmful a compound can be, until it has become a commonplace item in our everyday life.” – Stink Documentary

“Here in America, we love our products for everything from household cleaning, to beauty, and skincare. We fall in love with colors and packaging, shapes, new trends, favorite smells, and things to make our lives seemingly easier. But the question that more of us really need to be asking these days is, what is in all of our favorite products?”

Our skin is our largest organ, and the one that absorbs the most things from our environment directly into our bloodstreams. As a woman, we are at a greater risk of absorbing toxic chemicals into our bodies from all of the beauty products we use every day. But ultimately none of us are safe from the dangers lurking in our household cleaning products, bedsheets, clothes, laundry soap, hand soap, and pretty much anything else you can think of laying around your house right now!

  • Have you heard about the fragrance loophole?
  • Do you know how many chemicals the USA currently bans compared to other countries?
  • Did you know that many chemicals in products we use every day are NOT even tested for their safety?
  • Have you taken the time to watch the Stink Documentary on Netflix yet???

Check out my full post at Life Goals Mag, here!

“Toxic Products Don’t Spark Joy: The Truth About Products You May Be Using.”


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