Life Goals Mag: Should You Start Drinking Celery Juice?

“Had you ever thought of putting celery in your green juice, or even drinking just straight celery juice by itself? Ha, I definitely would have never thought of doing that!

You may have heard about it from Medical Medium, from someone speaking on your favorite podcast, or maybe you saw someone drinking a bright green celery juice on Instagram.

Celery juice is the newest green juice fad, here to revolutionize the wellness community with its ability to reduce our inflammations, reset our guts, and help reverse chronic and autoimmune based disease. So have you tried it yet?”

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be drinking straight up juiced celery because I actually want to be doing it. Ha! I’ve honestly never even been a fan of celery at all, I just like the fact that it’s one of those negative calorie foods where your body burns more calories digesting it than are actually in it. But then I started to hear about this new celery juice fad on podcasts I was listening to, where people I love and admire across a broad range of topics were all drinking pure celery juice on an empty stomach every morning for a whole bunch of different health effects. I of course had to jump on the train and see what this was all about!

Celery juice is said to have a wide range of health effects, ranging from reducing inflammation, healing your gut flora, fighting and killing off viruses and pathogens, balancing your bodies PH levels, and more!

Check out my full post at Life Goals Mag, here!

“Should You Start Drinking Celery Juice Every Day?


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