Life Goals Mag: Dealing With the Pressure of Being Almost 30

“Picture this––you’re in your late twenties, out of college for a few years now and starting to establish yourself in your life. You finally know a sense of who you are and understand life from this whole new “adult” level you could never really imagine when you were in your younger 20’s. You’re learning and growing, and doing the best you can to live a fulfilled life without trying to stress yourself out on any sort of timeline for doing things.”

Basically my entire adult life, I’ve been in a relationship. So have a lot of my friends too, but things are different now because a lot of those friends are now getting married and having babies. It’s like all the sudden we went from being on the same page to whole different levels. Where am I and how did I get here? Why do people treat me differently now? I’ve been in my current relationship for almost 9 years now, longer than a lot of my friends have been married, and yet somehow I notice that people treat me differently just because I can’t use words like “fiance”, “husband”, or “wife”.

Can you relate? Are you single and 30 and going through similar feelings? This new chapter of life is full of so many new thoughts and feelings to navigate! Some of us are just on different timelines and doing things differently than society tells us to, and you know what – that’s OKAY. There is nothing wrong with forging your own path and doing things on your own terms.

Check out my full post at Life Goals Mag, here!

“Dealing With the Pressure of Being Almost 30 and Not Married”


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