SPARK Spirituality: The November Cosmos

Hello fellow star seeds! November is a busy month in the cosmos so I figured we should probably talk about it. Forewarned is also armed. Knowledge is power! We are all spiritual beings in this ride together, so let’s make the most of it. Astrology is the perfect resource to keep in your self-awareness tool kit and will ultimately help you process and become more in-tune to what is going on around you. The cosmos always help me work through what I am experiencing, and they can help you too – we just have to pay attention (and LISTEN). Astrology has helped me so much in my own self-development journey, in expanding my spiritual consciousness, and in learning how to be more aware and mindful of my own actions and those of others around me.

Welcome to the Cosmic Energy of November!

So are you feeling the shifts yet?? We have some BIG cosmic turning points this week (this month!) that are no coincidence to a lot of what is going on in the world right now too. As a collective, we are all affected by this energy and are entering a really important time for us all to stand together as one. On an individual plane, a lot is being tested in relationships with ourselves and others, and so much more depending on where specific planets fall in our own charts!

In a nutshell, we have 3 planets that will be moving in and out of retrogrades, and 2 planets moving into fire signs! We might feel a lot different about so many different things from the start of November to the end.

Alright. Let’s unpack this week first:

Nov. 6 – Uranus moves to Aries

Uranus, the change maker, loves to stir things up and shake up the core of things we may be going through as a collective! Uranus is currently in a 6 month long retrograde period that lasts until January 2019, but tomorrow, 11/6, Uranus shifts back into Aries (from the sign of Taurus). This transition could help stir up activism all over the place. Uranus is known for radical change and when combined with combative Aries .. oofta! 

For me specifically, a Cancer, this shift affects my 10th house of career – causing 4 more months of shake ups for me before transitioning out and not returning again in my entire lifetime. I’ve personally been experiencing a block by Uranus in this area of my chart since 2011 – oddly specific to the time I graduated college and have been walking around lost in my career ever since.

Nov. 6 – The North Node moves into Cancer & the South Node moves into Capricorn

The North Node, or the “cosmic point of destiny” will move into Cancer until May of 2020. Cancer rules family, domestic affairs, divine feminity, and home. The North Node quite literally, represents where we are all headed as a collective. The South Node represents the energies we are all trying to resolve. To provide a little background – the nodes are energetic vortexes formed by the Moon’s orbit meeting the Sun’s path in our sky. These Nodes always change signs every 18 months, moving backwards through the zodiac.

*Election day in the US is also on November 6th*

I don’t consider it a coincidence that both of these radical November 6th  changes take place on the midterm election day in the United States. … But this change will definitely affect us all  – and for the next 18 months!

Nov. 7 – New Moon in Scorpio

New Moons are a powerful time for setting intentions for the month ahead. Consider it a new chance, a fresh start, the slate is clean! Each month the focus of the new moon is in a new zodiac sign and paves the way for a focus in our life that will last for another 6 months, until a Full Moon in the same zodiac sign.

This month, La Luna appears in the sign of Scorpio – while we are deep in the depths of Scorpio season, and in the middle of so much other cosmic activity. The New Moon in Scorpio stirs up the desire to give your life a sexy makeover! The perfect time for us to dig up our own dirt and face our own shit so we can get through negative patterns we may have. The energy during this time supports us growing emotionally through problems in our relationships that in the past we have turned a blind eye to.

Nov. 8 – Jupiter moves to Sagittarius

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and good fortune, makes its way through each sign of the zodiac – roughly every 12 months and doesn’t repeat a sign until roughly every 12 years! On Thursday, 11/8, Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius – this is where it prefers to be. Jupiter is all about looking at the big picture and setting corresponding big goals.

This change will affect us all on some level, depending on where we might have Sagittarius in our own charts. It will ultimately affect those with a Sagittarius sun sign (zodiac sign) or rising or moon sign the most, but all of us will still feel a shift in a certain part of our lives. For me personally, Jupiter in Sagittarius affects my house 6th house of health, fitness, and work! This is the perfect time for me to really get serious about my own wellbeing routines. I’m very excited the cosmic energy will be supportive of me in this area during this time, because I could really use a serious push back in the right direction!

So now to look ahead to later this month:

Nov. 16 – Venus goes direct

If you know anything about this, you may be silently screaming with me, “FINALLY”. Venus, planet of love, beauty, relationships and luxury has been spinning backwards for the past 40 ish days, forcing us all to examine these areas of our lives with a fine tuned microscope. Venus only goes retrograde roughly every 18 months so we typically feel the shift when she does. This retrograde cycle she spent most of the first month in the sign of Scorpio and is spending these last few weeks in the sign of Libra. The last time this Venus retrograde in Scorpio/Libra took place was fall of 2010! (Notice any patterns or themes from then to now?)

Relationships of every kind have really been feeling this energy hard during this time. Relief is finally here and it’s time to move forward based on what you have learned about loving yourself and others.

Nov. 16 – Mercury goes retrograde

But just when we thought we finally got a break from hefty retrogrades, Mercury, planet of communication, takes its turn to go retrograde. Great! I’d say this is probably the most well known retrograde (because it takes place the most often – about 3-4 times a year), and it’s definitely the one with the bad impressions. 

Mercury isn’t all bad though I swear. He does however help us slow down this holiday season and focus on that which really matters. (But can also slow down any online orders, new huge purchases, contracts, travel plans, or job changes – so watch out!)

Nov. 22 – Full Moon in Gemini

 On Thanksgiving/Black Friday in the US, we also have a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. Cosmically timed around these celebrations, this may be one of the most social Full Moons of the year. Gemini is a sign of curiosity and communication, and Gemini definitely loves to socialize. It will be a great time to understand other perceptions and have meaningful interactions with others. 

For me this Full Moon will focus on my 12th house of rest, healing, and endings. This will hopefully be the perfect opportunity for me to take some rest, and to reflect on the intensity of the month and even the past year! [2018 has NOT been light in the cosmic world.]

Nov. 24 – Neptune goes direct 

Last but not least, after 5 months of retrograde in the sign of Pisces, Neptune finally goes direct on 11/24.  This retrograde for me has been affecting my 9th house of travel, metaphysical study, and expansion. (Almost creepy because it’s so accurate!) However this retrograde has been creating a block between me and my ability to connect with my highest self. I’m looking forward to the relief of this planet going direct and hoping to finally energetically level up a bit!

Whew, what a wild ride!

Want to learn more about how this affects you directly, based off your zodiac sign? Shoot me an email, send me a message on Instagram – let’s connect! I can help you work through what it means for you and focus on positive ways to harness the energy and get through it.

This energy isn’t bad, this energy isn’t negative. This is a very powerful time for all of us, and a time of great transformation and unity amongst the collective.


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