SPARK Wellness: 13 Things That Will Utterly Change Your Life.

If you (are forced to) spend any significant amount of time with me, then you probably hear me ramble on about all my favorite this, that, and anothers, across all kinds of different topics. [Because my mind is like an internet browser with 150 tabs open.] Anything from my favorite products, to podcasts, foods, wellness trends, books, woowoo magic, people, … whatever it may be … I’m basically here to share these resources with you now! I’ve decided to compile a completely random ass list of my (current) top favorite 13 THINGS that I feel you should probably know about.

There should really be something here for everyone.

So, you’re welcome.


1. The Almost 30 Podcast with Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik

Obsessed doesn’t even cut it .. these girls have 100000% changed my LIFE with their podcast. I can’t even remember how I found them, but I know it was on Instagram. (Maybe they found me?) It was fucking meant to be. There isn’t any other podcast you really even need to listen to, [but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend more awesome ones like That’s So Retrograde, The Numinous, The Genius Life, Expanded, Joe Rogan …]. From spiritual woowoo, to health and wellness, to real life shit, these girls are doing it right. I’ve only been listening for about 7 months now, and these girls have been nothing but huge expanders for me and have opened me up to so many NEW things. Plus, I find most of the awesome products I fall in love with from them and their ‘commercial’ reviews. (They give discount codes too! #Score)

I am also part of their secret Facebook group, because let’s be honest what do we really use FB for anymore besides groups, and it’s not even a group it’s a damn COMMUNITY.

2. Human Design …. AKA Astrology on Steroids

If you’re even remotely into Astrology, but yet you don’t know what Human Design is, then I’m sorry to say – but you are WAAAYY behind dude.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. It isn’t built on belief or faith, but rather an empirical system of mechanics. Every one person has a signature. 

This is the direction we are going and the new biggest thing in the spiritual world that I can’t stop talking about. It incorporates a whole other level of biomechanics and Chinense practices. It’s DOPE. Human Design allows you to add another layer of understanding about yourself and everyone else around you. Astrology is the root of all self awareness and emotional intelligence for me, but Human Design takes things so many layers further. I first heard about it from the Almost 30 Podcast featuring Lacy Phillips from Free And Native. Then last week I had a reading done by Jaclyn of Interior Creature, and I’m STILL processing through all of it. She sent me a video recording of our session, NOTES, and resources for deeper understanding. I feel like Human Design gives me connections to things I could never understand or explain about myself until now.

I’m a Projector. What are you?!


CBD is the future you guys! CBD is not psychoactive, and it’s the biggest new wellness trend you need to get behind. From beauty products, to supplements, to oils, this stuff is popping up everywhere!

Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells and alter the release of neurotransmitters in your brain. Cannabis is made up of many cannabinoids, including phytocannabinoids like CBD. Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, acts as an adaptogen, and helps reduce pain and inflammation, help with sleep and control of anxiety, and so much more!

Pretty soon you can read all about my product reviews for a handful of CBD products I’ve been taking since April of this year. I wrote about them for Life Goals Mag and the article should be available to you ANYtime now … But don’t worry, when it’s live I will be sure to share it on my Instagram too.

4. Eating a shit TON of Healthy Fat

Coconut oil everything. Avocados and avocado oil everything. EVO oil everything (but cooked below 350 smoke point.) I’m a mad woman obsessed. I start the day with bulletproof coffee (organic coffee, mct oils, CBD/olive oil mix), then usually have half an avocado for breakfast, or with my lunch (and sometimes even a WHOLE one). Then by dinner I’m usually eating something cooked with either Avocado oil from Chosen Foods, or freaking GHEE BUTTER. ❤

Healthy fat is GOOD FOR YOU. It’s incredibly nutritious, prevents free radicals, is great for your skin, helps your brain function better, and so many other things. Not to mention it’s good for weight control, controlling your cravings, etc.

No, I’m not Keto, I’m just utterly in love with Avocados and ANYTHING at all this is made from a Coconut. Oh, and butter. 

5. Rebbl Drinks … Especially the Reishi Chocolate one

Imagine drinking the best tasting, best for you, super chocolatey, elixir from the gods, kind of chocolate milk … (and I don’t even drink milk) … but that is basically what this is! It’s seriously other wordly, like food-gasmic. .

Made primarily from the ‘divine mushroom of immortality’, reishi, you already can’t go wrong here. Other ingredients include organic coconut milk, organic cocoa powder, and organic vanilla extract. This drink is SOOOO creamy and delicious. To be honest, all of their flavors totally rock my socks off, but this one just happens to be the best.

Good for you – and doing good things for the world. Read more about them here.

6. Crystals, Gemstones, Gems, Magical Rock Wonders…

My collection is growing and I’m learning more all the time! My new favorite thing is stopping at local crystal shops anytime I travel so I can pick up a new rock. Crystals are a new hot wellness trend on social media. Get your ass a gemstone!

Crystals are great for promoting positive energy, clearing out anxiety or any low serving negative energy, manifesting, staying more fully within yourself and your true energy, and so much more!

7. Natural Beauty Care.

Kopari Beauty. Herbivore Botanicals. More and more coming out all the time! Typically vegan, cruelty free, and made from plants (or coconuts). What more could you ask for? We should NOT be putting harmful chemicals directly onto our bodies just to be absorbed through our skin. I’ve wrote about this on the blog before, mentioned these products before, AND wrote about them for LIfe Goals Mag – so I’m just really trying to make sure you’ve got the point.

10. Life Goals Mag

And not just because I’m a contributing writer for them either! Life Goals Mag is a holistic lifestyle online magazine that helps promote you to be the best version of yourself. I consider it my go-to ‘self help’ website, with relatable and relevant articles across topics of relationships, career, spirituality, wellness, personal growth, and so much more.

11. Woo-Woo People

  • Astrology:
    • The Astro Twins – Seriously like the best mainstream astrologers you could find. Been following them since January, have purchased their Cancer 2018 book and follow them religiously online.
    • The Numinous – Founded by Ruby Warrington, total badass and author of one of my favorite spiritual books, Material Girl Mystical World 
    • Alexandra Roxo – I am honestly in love with her. Total woman crush right here. This woman is the most sensual, sexual, spiritual, beautiful & inspirational person out there. She’s raw, she’s free, she’s deep. And her hair is on FIRE. If I could pick anyone to be ….
  • Intuition/Spiritual:
    • Jill Willard – She does a lot of readings for celebrities! She’s an intuitive, medium, and top leader in manifestation.
    • Lacy Phillips – Free And NativeI’m also apart of her secret FB group. Lacy is a manifestation advisor and insanely rad and pure human being.
    • Peta Kelly – … HUMAN AF. She’s an Australian BADASS woman who wrote the book “Earth Is Hiring”. She is a  key inspirational, epic-shit creator.
    • Amber Lanier – Found her first on her FB group for Soul Sisters and now obsessively follow her every word on Instagram. Amber is all things yoga, spirituality, mindfulness, astrology, and more.
  • Human Design

12. Wellness People

13. Fucking Kale Chips

I know, right? You probably weren’t expecting that one. But … seriously! I. Can’t. Stop. Eating. Them. I buy a bag from Whole Foods, toss the leaves in some avocado oil, sprinkle on some himalayan salt, and bake for a random amount of time at a random degree point. Ha, for real though I guess I usually do like 20 minutes on 400 degrees? I don’t know, I take them out when they are done and eat the shit out of them until they are gone. It’s just like having a ton of chips, only WAY better for you! Plus, kale is extremely great at detoxing your insides so it’s like win-win.

Soooooo gooooood.


For more reviews, content, and other adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Spark Fire Swan.



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