Life Goals Mag: Mercury Rx

Hey Friends! I’ve been listening to this badass podcast called Almost 30 since like January this year, and a few months ago I decided to join their Facebook group (tribe). I don’t always spend a lot of time on the postings, but I noticed one that was asking for contributing writers for a website. This is how I met Coley Lane and began my contribution to Life Goals Mag.

Life Goals Mag is an online magazine geared towards (millenial) women, and focuses on career, personal growth, lifestyle, wellness, and relationships. I love this magazine because it literally relates to all my favorite topics, but it also encourages you to work towards being the best version of yourself! I seriously love that kind of level of self awareness more than I can even explain to you. This is my JAM you guys, so you better check it out!

My first post is a dive into the astrological world and offers an in depth guide to embracing the chaos of the well known phenomena called Mercury in Retrograde. With an upcoming one the end of July (26th), you can arm yourself with the do’s and don’ts of this powerful time.

Here’s a taste to wet your palate:


For a link to the full posting, visit here.

As always, for more content, follow me on Instragram too at SparkFireSwan.

xoxo, ❤

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