You guys, it’s 2018 … 

Holy shit, it’s like I just woke up one day and it’s 2018. Where did the time go? How did I get this old? How did I get to this point in my life?

Everything’s changing, but not in a bad way, not in a scary way. Everything is changing in an empowering and satisfying way!

I can honestly say that I had one of the most satisfying new years eve days and nights I could have possibly asked for. The kicker is: it’s so different than years past. But that’s okay! I’m content. I’m happy and proud of where I am at. … And with how insanely cold it is in the Midwest right now, I’m absolutely thrilled I didn’t feel any pressure or need to go out last night! I ventured out during the day for the Vikings football game, and that was enough. A low key night at home, cooking a great dinner for 4, and being IN BED by 12 pm, was just what the Universe had ordered. (And I had ZERO complaints.)

This year is going to be different. This year I’ll be focusing on a lot of things for myself, not for other people. This year I’m starting out with a clean slate, clear from the past and any energies cramping my style right now. This is 2018 and I’m going to make things happen! … Like this blog for example … This is 100% a new adventure for me, and I want to see what happens!

Today, New Years Day, was also perfect. I set goals and intentions, and rid myself and my home of negative energies and vibes that aren’t serving my higher self. FRESH START YOU GUYS. I mean it!

What’s one thing you’re going to do for yourself this year? What are you doing to make yourself a better person? To reach your goals and dreams? The time is NOW! And if we are not actively doing things to better ourselves and our lives, then I don’t know what the hell we are doing! Don’t just take up space, live a life of purpose and personal growth, always striving towards your higher self!

Cheers friends … Happy New Year! 🎉


2 thoughts on “You guys, it’s 2018 … 

  1. Carrie Swanson says:

    Good luck on your this new adventure and new reality Amanda! You can do whatever you set your mind and intentions to. And so it is!!!


  2. Natasha Rae says:

    All those years of high school and early 20’s I thought those would be the years I longed to repeat over and over again. How wrong was I? I really feel like we are just getting started creating the true “glory years”.

    Don’t get me wrong – it was fun wandering around convinced we had it all figured out, just enjoying the giant party that was life. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything, but I’m just as grateful that they are simply memories now days.

    To be fair it wasn’t always about the giant party, luckily we did put in some hard-worked that paved the foundation for things that are now falling into place (thank you universe). One of those many gifts is your friendship, thank you for always celebrating and growing with me year after year! 2018 – I love you already!


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